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/= TexFinderX
icon TexFinderX 2.54
Powerful tool to search and replace text inside entire folders.
MacOS X, Windows compatible.

/= FolderWasher
icon FolderWasher 1.14
Tool to delete all files whose name begin with period like .DS_Store files created by Mac OS X for a given folder.
MacOS X, Windows compatible.

/= FolderSnapper
icon FolderSnapper 1.03
Tool to compare a folder at a given snap date with its actual content, or two folders.
MacOS X, Windows compatible.

/= SeeColors
icon SeeColors 1.21
Simple application to preview RVB, HTML or decimal color values for use in CSS and HTML production.
MacOS X, Windows compatible.

/= TransitionBox
icon TransitionBox 1.14
Slideshow jQuery plugin for many advanced visual effects.
This plugin is dedicated to images transition. It allows soft and customizable transitions between images. Demo available.

/= CreateThumbnail
icon CreateThumbnail 1.02
PHP class to create thumbnail pictures.
Powerful and customizable class for PHP 5+ using GD library.