iXoft apps and MacOS security MacOS includes Gatekeeper technology which can block the installation of software from unrecognized developers.
If you get a message telling "application cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" when opening or installing an app, just try the following solutions depending on your MacOS version:
  • Control-click the application from the Finder, choose Open from the menu, then click Open in the dialog that appears. Enter your admin name and password to open the app.
  • To permanently save the app as an exception to your security settings - so you will be able to open it in the future by double-clicking it - proceed as follows:
    • 1 - Open System Settings.
    • 2 - Click Privacy & Security , scroll down, and click the Open Anyway button to confirm your intent to open or install the app.
    • 3 - The warning prompt reappears and you can click Open.

AppLauncher AppLauncher AppLauncher
Simple and customizable MacOS file launcher.
Puts your files, folders and apps just a click away.
Also allows you to launch a file with an application other than the one intended.
MacOS - Intel 64 bits AppLauncher_084_OSX_64.zip
Beleaguered Castle Beleaguered Castle Beleaguered Castle
Offline solitaire card game.
MacOS - Intel 64 bits BeleagueredCastle_120_OSX_64.zip
Windows BeleagueredCastle_120_win.zip
FolderWasher FolderWasher FolderWasher
Deletes all invisible files, created by MacOS or Windows.
When copying folders from a platform to another these files become visible, and annoying.
In addition, FolderWasher can zip folders in order to prevent the automatic creation of deleted invisible files by the OS.
MacOS - Intel 32 bits FolderWasher_114_OSX_32.zip
MacOS - Intel 64 bits FolderWasher_210_OSX_64.zip
Windows FolderWasher_210_win.zip
SeeColors SeeColors SeeColors
Utility to preview RGB, HTML and decimal color codes.
Several color sets can be saved and loaded.
Image files can be dropped onto background test zones.
MacOS - Intel 32 bits SeeColors_121_OSX_32.zip
MacOS - Intel 64 bits SeeColors_232_OSX_64.zip
Windows SeeColors_232_win.zip

Other non supported files can be downloaded from the Files Repositary.

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